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As of 2021, several brands are recognized for producing medical scrubs and have gained popularity due to their quality, style, comfort, and functionality. Here are some of the most notable scrub brands:

1. **Cherokee**:
– One of the leading and most recognized brands in the healthcare apparel industry, Cherokee offers a wide variety of styles, fits, and fabric choices.

2. **Dickies**:
– While originally known for workwear, Dickies has branched out into the healthcare industry and offers durable and comfortable scrubs.

3. **Grey’s Anatomy by Barco**:
– Inspired by the popular TV show, these scrubs are known for their modern styling and comfortable fit.

4. **Landau**:
– A brand with a longstanding history, Landau is known for producing high-quality, durable, and functional scrubs.

5. **Jaanuu**:
– This brand is known for its contemporary, fashion-forward designs while still offering functional features for medical professionals.

6. **FIGS**:
– FIGS has gained significant attention due to its innovative approach to scrubs. They offer premium, stylish, and comfortable scrubs often marketed as being for “modern” healthcare professionals.

7. **Healing Hands**:
– They offer scrubs with a mix of style and comfort, and their products often receive praise for their softness and fit.

8. **WonderWink**:
– This brand is known for its playful and functional designs, catering to those looking for a mix of style and utility.

9. **Urbane**:
– Urbane offers stylish designs that aim to blend fashion with the practical needs of healthcare workers.

10. **Carhartt**:
– Originally known for rugged workwear, Carhartt has a line of medical scrubs that carry the brand’s reputation for durability and comfort.

While these are some of the significant players in the scrub market, many other brands cater to different niches, styles, and price points. The right brand often depends on personal preference regarding fit, design, material, and budget.

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