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Cherokee is a prominent brand in the world of medical uniforms, known for its long-standing history in the apparel industry. While the brand itself has broader roots, it became associated with medical scrubs in the later part of the 20th century. Here’s a brief history of the brand as it relates to medical scrubs:

1. **Origins of Cherokee Brand**:
– The Cherokee brand, initially not related to medical apparel, was founded in 1973. It started as a footwear brand and gradually evolved into a broader lifestyle brand.

2. **Transition to Medical Uniforms**:
– In the 1980s, the Cherokee brand was introduced to the healthcare apparel market. The move was part of a strategic decision by the company to diversify its product offerings.
– Recognizing the increasing demand for quality medical uniforms that were both functional and fashionable, Cherokee decided to enter this niche.

3. **Growth and Development**:
– The brand’s commitment to quality and design innovation made it popular among healthcare professionals. Over the years, Cherokee introduced various collections catering to the diverse needs of healthcare workers.
– Cherokee consistently focused on comfort, durability, and fashion, which helped solidify its position in the market.

4. **Today’s Landscape**:
– Cherokee has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the medical uniform industry. It offers a variety of styles, from classic designs to contemporary looks, making it a go-to choice for many healthcare professionals.
– The brand has also collaborated with other brands and launched specific collections, further diversifying its offerings and ensuring it remains relevant in the ever-changing world of medical fashion.

5. **Ownership and Licensing**:
– As of my last update in 2021, Cherokee Global Brands owns the Cherokee brand, and they license it to various distributors and manufacturers worldwide. The company not only manages the Cherokee brand but also several other apparel and footwear brands.

Throughout its history, Cherokee has made a concerted effort to listen to the needs and feedback of healthcare professionals, adapting its designs and materials to meet the demands of the rigorous medical environment. This commitment to understanding and serving its target audience has played a significant role in the brand’s longevity and success.

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